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What is Take Me Home?

A unique Sampling program designed to deliver your products directly to millennial households and gain valuable product feedback in return.

How it Works?

We take your product Samples, package it and ship it to our channel partners which comprise of pre-schools and day cares in Canada.

· Our Channel Partners offer these samples to parents while they come to pick their children from the school

· Product Samples are offered to parents in exchange for their personal details

· Vital information about the product is given out to the parents ie allergic contents, specific usage pattern or any special offer.

· We send out a feedback form to the parents a week after a sample is distributed

· The entire Take Me Home program can be executed between 2-4 weeks

Why Should You Choose Take Me Home?

Millennials form the largest audience segment today and Take Me home Program is directed towards them. It gives you an opportunity to engage with these millennial households via product trials.

It is a Unique way to reach the target audience by hand delivering products according to their needs and preferences

Product Sampling isn’t about delivering products to consumers but to understand what are their perceptions and feedbacks. Through Take Me Home, brands get an opportunity to understand their Target Audience and gain valuable insights

Millennials are open to different experiences. The experience through Take Me Home will allow them to form their purchase decisions and even share their experience with others

It is less costly and more effective as compared to other forms of Sampling such as Event Sampling and Retail Sampling

The Target audience in the Take Me Home Program are Tech Savvy and active on the internet.
This creates an opportunity for Word of Mouth publicity for your brand and product

Facts & Figures

67% of the purchase decisions are made at home, hence Take Me Home program is an ideal way for new consumers to try a product

Millennials contribute towards 35% of the Canadian Workforce, the Take Me Home program will allow brands to engage them with products that fit their lifestyles and drive purchase decisions

Take Me Home will allow brands to reach 29.09% of Canadian population which makes them the appropriate target consumers for most CPG brands

Research proves that 95% of Millennials appreciate brands that send coupons and discount notices via email. Hence Millennial households would love to receive samples through Take Me Home Program

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