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Interested inDigital sampling?

Our innovative Samplits platform plugs into any digital marketing advertisement (Facebook, Instagram, Programmatic, Youtube, etc), enabling consumers to click and qualify for an sample or offer. Our intuitive technology interacts directly with consumers to pre-qualify and connect your brand to its core audience, adding a whole new sensory experience to your digital campaign and increasing your ROI.

How it Works?

Samplits technology integrates directly into your digital ads to offer a sample or offer to qualified consumers

An active Samplits button is customized for your brand and placed into your ad,enabling users to ‘Click for A Sample’ or special offer.

Our interactive platform allows consumer to securely enter their information to qualify for an offer

Samples are delivered directly to the households of eligible consumers and followed up with a post survey or review

Benefits of Digital Sampling

Multiple Platforms

Our technology can be embedded anywhere a digital ad is displayed, which includes webpages, banner ads, social media platforms. Our platform is mobile responsive.

Consumer Reach

Our interactive solution allows brands to instantly identify and connect with their core audiences for special offers and product trial.

Personalized Communication

Samples are all personalized and are delivered directly to each consumer`s household with your brand’s customized message. Our technology communicates with consumers to let them know details about their order and shipment.

Online Communication

Studies show people who receive offers from digital campaigns are more likely to share their experiences online. Word of mouth publicity for your brand’s products is a great way to increase brand awareness & consumer reach.

Consumer Insight and data

Our innovative platform allows your brand to get to know meaningful information about your target group, gain valuable metrics about these consumers, and receive new consumer content about your product.

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