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July 8, 2020 Caitlin Ryan

Boost Your Brand

Marketers and industry leaders have used sampling as a way to connect with consumers for decades. Here at Samplits, we believe sampling, more specifically digital sampling,  to be an effective marketing tool  for  any brand’s product campaign. It all begins with understanding a consumer and his/her preferences as this helps brands to be better aligned with their target audience. We created Samplits Boost with the idea of making it easy for brands to gather consumer insight and behaviour preferences specifically about their core market. In today’s marketing world, big data is essential for  brands establishing a connection with consumers, which is why we continuously invest and expand our Boost platform and network.

Whether your brand is in its start-up phase or has reached a level of maturity, brand marketing must be effective, creative, and smart. Where traditional marketing can be stale at times, Samplits Boost powerfully connects a brand’s product to the right consumer for a greater return on investment (ROI),  It is more meaningful and  valuable for brands to send samples with the benefit of collecting consumer data or insights during product trials. Our Boost platform ensures that brands continue the conversation by gathering post-trial consumer feedback. At Samplits, we know that every brand has their specific objectives which is why each step is tailored and customizable to meet the needs of our clients.

Our Samplits Boost platform has shown tremendous success in  marketing campaigns, specifically through increased ROI.  With  our extensive and diversified consumer database, we enable brands to be able to select their core audience and market to consumers one-to-one. Samplits has a robust database for brands to access based on their independent key business objectives.

The Boost platform is an integrated solution that has many benefits including:

  1. Smart targeting based on consumer demographics & preferences  
  2. Integrated, 1-to-1 consumer marketing
  3. Pre-trial consumer data
  4. Post-trial consumer product insights 

Contact us to find out how we can create a tailored program for your brand.

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