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June 25, 2019 Caitlin Ryan

‘Imagine if you could breathe every day fresh fragrance of the flowers in your dim-lit damp home’, ‘Imagine if you knew who was at your door even when you aren’t in your house’, ‘Imagine the energy you’d feel when you have our new non-caffeine based, organic, locally-sourced energy drink!’ Imagine, imagine, and imagine…

While regular companies and their advertisements attempt to capture the fascination of the minds of their consumers, many today realize the value of making sure not to leave things to chance or to ‘imagination’. With companies investing in R&D today for the long haul, Experiential Marketing enables them to make sure the consumers are not left to ‘imagine’, but can firsthand touch, smell, taste, hear, and feel the product. The products are made fit to be a repeat purchase, however, that first customer acquisition is still a thorn to be removed. Live-events and in-store creativity have been the go-to for several brands where they have their representatives help engage with the product in unique and often fascinating ways. The costs are high, but you have your customer invested in your product.

So, are you planning your next in-store event already? Wait! With digital sales booming by the minute, your low-cost marketing strategy would already be locked down on social media and SEO. How then do you reach your consumers and help them achieve that joy of live interaction with the products in a medium which prohibits live interaction? How can you bring in great ROIs when you don’t have resources flowing like the Niagara?

Welcome to ‘Digital Sampling’. Inherently sharing the core value of Experiential Marketing on the ground, Digital Sampling capitalizes on the known strengths on the internet and gives its own unique spin. With a targeted history of consumer shopping, brands can send in free samples of their products to consumers. This can be further broken down to finding the right method to reach the consumers without breaching their privacy, but instead hit them at points where they would appreciate the product the most. Few brands have capitalized on Digital Sampling, and the pinpoint accuracy of the tastes of consumers is set to help brands save on the expenses that are incurred in free mass sampling and may not be valued.

Imagine you are a fan of fresh herbs and condiments, and one warm summer day you receive a sample of a brand-new mix of flavors that you fall absolutely in love with! Thanks to Digital Sampling, you no longer need to imagine, and have acquired a must-have product for a lifetime!

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Caitlin Ryan


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