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April 30, 2019 Caitlin Ryan

How to Effectively Market to Millennial’s

Most consumer brands are aware that the rise of the millennial market is here. They are a generation who have access to information on their fingertips, they are getting smarter, and ready to rule the world. So how can marketers tap into this key demographic and be heard? What can you as a marketer do to make your products and services stand out?

Your Target Market On A Silver Platter

Talk to millennials where they can hear you. Platforms like Facebook & Instagram are getting bigger and expanding in ways to better connect to capture the attention of this audience. If you’re not sure how dependent millennials have become on social media – just last month (March 2019) when Facebook had an outage for more than 14 hours, it seemed as if the social media world faced an apocalypse; millennials turned to Twitter to let out their frustrations.

For advertisers, social media means countless new tools that they can use to specifically target this demographic market. For millennials, online is not just an option, it is the norm. This being said, it’s not as simple as just being on social, the competition out there is fierce, and there are lots of choices. However, ignoring it, or not doing it right, can immensely affect a brand`s popularity and decrease its audience.

Social Media To Your Advantage

Millennials like to feel involved and being a part of something important. So if you are going to market to them, be sure to engage with them through posts, chats, videos, and photos – a personal connection is a must. And if they comment, be sure to reply – a simple ‘like’ to their comments as an acknowledgement can go a long way. It can be a lot of hard work, but the more engaged you are with them, the more they appreciate it.

Try Me!

Who doesn’t like unexpected gifts? For many brands, sampling is one of the key entry points into the marketplace. Try before you buy – it’s simple, and this generation loves it!

Millennial do not like to spend money on things they’ve never tried, however, they are a generation very willing to test new products & services, if the price is right (free). In exchange, they are open and honest about their feedback and opinions.

Research and information sharing is a natural thing for this age group. They read reviews, give reviews, and share reviews. Once they have tried your product and like it, they will sing your praises (online), telling anybody who will listen, how they’ve tried it and swear by it.

Authenticity Over Everything

Key to remember, although millennials spend on products that they and their peers perceive as valuable, authenticity is a big part of connecting with the demographic. Campaigns that are honest and transparent are important to this group. They do not like being pushed into buying products – having a choice is something that they appreciate and need.

Subtlety Is Key

Millennials already know you want them to purchase your product. Make them feel like it’s not about the money they are parting with, but instead, the experience they will gain.

Let’s Wrap It Up!

This demographic can be intensely loyal to brands. And each of them can be influencers and trendsetters in their own right. So let go of tradition and go digital. Use the world of the internet and social media to your advantage, and don’t forget, letting them try your product goes a long way!

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Caitlin Ryan


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