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October 1, 2018 Chandni Dandwani

What are consumers looking for?

Close your eyes and think about your favourite store in a mall. While you are at it, try to think what exactly is it that pulls you to that particular store. For some people this could be that delectable smell emanating from the food court, the tantalizing feel of new clothes or even the extensive display of electronic gadgets.

People might argue that this could just as vary depending upon each person’s individual interests, but the fact will remain that we are all drawn to wholesome experiences that appeal to our five senses. Without diving into the specifics of the brain and its functionalities, it is safe to say consumers connect with brands that evoke certain emotional responses.

In this age it is not enough to put out a great product and believe it will sell for itself. The sheer number of choices available to consumers is enough incentive to realize that standing out and providing your customers a meaningful experience is the need of the day.

Providing a sample of a product is a simple and sure-shot way to grab your customer’s attention and get an actual opportunity to be in a position of connecting your brand with them. Instead of waiting for a customer to choose your product, now the company is in a position to showcase what their product is all about. It is not just the feel of the product, the way it smells or the colour of the package that determines its selling potential; it is all of them combined together that really makes a difference. The important giveaway is to realize that a shopper is looking to buy an experience more than a product by itself.

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Chandni Dandwani

UI/UX designer at Samplits

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